Netflix and SASFED help South African creatives

Netflix and SASFED help South African creatives

Netflix has donated R8.3-million to a COVID-19 film and television relief fund in collaboration with the South African Screen Federation (SASFED).


The fund, set up by SASFED and supported by the Independent Producers Organisation, will be providing short-term, one-time emergency grants to the creative community. 

This includes the workers who were hit the hardest within this sector, who work on a project-to-project basis or are paid hourly wages. Workers such as freelancers, costume designers, hair-and-makeup artists, electricians, and many more will be eligible to apply for the one-time benefit of R15,000.

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The streaming service has donated R8.3-million to the fund which will be able to assist workers in the screen sector, as they are not necessarily eligible for other relief funds during this global crisis. 

As an industry that has suffered immensely since the COVID-19 crisis started, the IPO and the creative community are extremely thankful and overjoyed for this contribution from Netflix and their commitment to helping sustain the film and TV production industry in South Africa.

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The funds will be administered by Tshikululu Social Investment and members of the creative community can begin the application process from 3 August. Workers can apply online at Tshikululu's website or send in a physical application via mail.

Hopefully, this could lead to more potential partners following in Netflix's footsteps and more continuous contributions being made to assist struggling industries within South Africa.

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