How have you been playing Uno all these years? Here's an update from the creator

How have you been playing Uno all these years? Here's an update from the creator

This rule is insane, because what's the point then...

Person holding Uno cards in their hands
Person holding Uno cards in their hands/Pexels

We have to admit that if anything we are movie, series and game buffs. So if you're going to have a game night or binge watch session, we are your kind of people. 

In saying that, we were absolutely horrified to hear about the update to the rules of the popular card game, Uno. 

We heard about it from our dear Trevor Noah on The Daily Show page. 

He said that the maker of the card game Uno has made a clarification to the rules. 

Now before we get to the nitty gritty, can we just take a moment to say that one of the highlights of playing Uno is exacting your sense of strategy with a group of friends. 

Holding onto your special cards, gives you the upper hand so you can strike when no one expects it. 

The update is really disheartening because the maker has clarified that you cannot play a draw two on top of another draw two card. 

Sounds like a horrendous update or clarification if you ask us. 

That's a key part of the fun and excitement surrounding playing Uno. To see who you can catch with the most cards...

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Nonetheless, we guess we cannot fuss about it when the rules are the rules. Even though we do not agree with it, we can give it a go. 

But the question here is does the same apply for the draw four card? 

WATCH what other game Trevor Noah has an issue with below, courtesy of Instagram. 

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