The most popular toys and gadgets of the 80s

The most popular toys and gadgets of the 80s

Some of the East Coast Gold presenters go down memory lane to their childhood years and share their favourite toys and gadgets of the 80s. 

Rubik's cube 80s toy

I don't care what generation you are from, there was nothing better than growing up in the 80s!

This is the era where kids were allowed to just be kids, without too much pressure from social media and society. 

Although today we can't imagine life without a smartphone, the 80s had its own great gadgets and toys. In fact, the era  gave birth to some popular toys and gadgets that had never been released before. 

Some of these are still popular today while others have just evolved with the times.

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On the gadget or tech side, who can forget the Nintendo Entertainment System - released in 1989 - or the revolutionary Sony Walkman which made it possible for people to take their music on the go for the first time?

They were up there along with the Nintendo Game Boy and Casio calculator watch. The VHS player also made an appearance in the 80s, while the disposable camera was launched in 1987.

Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy/ Unsplash
Walkman/ unsplash

In terms of popular toys, think Masters of the Universe,  the insanely popular Rubik's Cube, Trivial Pursuit, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, Monchichi,  Pound Puppies, Glowworms, My Little Pony, Care Bears,  and Power Wheels.

He-man figurine
Diane Macpherson

For More Music Breakfast Show host Gordon Graham the Zip Racer Motorbike takes the number one spot as his favourite childhood toy.

"When I was younger, so much younger than today (errr you know what I mean!) -  in the early 80s as a young boy my favourite toy had to be the Zip Racer Motorbike. I played with it for hours. There were no batteries required just a flat surface (usually under my mom's feet) and it was all non-stop fun!"

Toys of the 1980s
Toys of the 1980s /iStock

Like many kids of the 80s, East Coast Gold's Jane Linley-Thomas couldn't get enough of her figurines.

"Ooooh toys from the 80s were my jam! My Little Pony, Polly Pocket, Care Bears, Popples, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Barbie, and Cabbage Patch Kids!

"On the day my sister was born, my folks gifted me with my very own Cabbage Patch Kid. She came with adoption papers and, of course, the trademark signature on her upper leg."

rollerskates in the 80s

For East Coast Gold's Damon Beard roller skates are what made his childhood years blissful. 

"Two things come to mind for me…ROLLER SKATES – and you were just TOO cool if you had these! I had the metal kind you slid and then strapped on over your shoes and then finally progressed to the boot skates! 

"Also VIEW MASTER -  I remember squinting into it and having to slide those thin cardboard disks into the top to watch the slideshow," he recalls.

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