Her neighbour kept taking her parking spot... she wasn't having it anymore

Her neighbour kept taking her parking spot... she wasn't having it anymore

What would you do if your neighbour continuously did this?

Her neighbour kept occupying her parking spot, she wasn't having it anymore...
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It's nothing new that some neighbours aren't the most considerate of people. So if you have a good relationship with your neighbours, then be sure to count your blessings. 

For this woman, it was that neighbour who takes two parking bays to park their vehicle. When you are living in a complex or communal property, there are designated parking spaces assigned to each resident. 

And the only logical thing to do is to respect everyone else living around you and be respectful of their property. So when Bongiwe Ndlovu turned to Twitter to share her inconsiderate neighbour, let's just say many people resonated with her. 

"The Johannesburg-based resident went viral, after she used her own car to trap the offending vehicle in place. Ndlovu soon booked an Uber and sped away from the complex, before receiving a bunch of calls from her neighbour, and the security personnel." (MSN)

The drama left tweeps intrigued and overly invested as usual. But the good news is that the situation was resolved without any confrontation. Since the post, another resident shared on Twitter that Ndlovu moved her car and the neighbour has also not made the mistake of parking in her spot again. 

Check out the post below by another resident. 

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Sometimes it can be difficult to stay calm when you feel like someone is being unreasonable. And as much as this was entertaining for many people, there was another way of dealing with it. 

Simple communication can make a world of difference. And if all else fails then perhaps you can use Bongiwe's example as a way of dealing with grumpy neighbours, but make sure to try talking first...

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