This neighbour got the most 'honest' letter from a fellow neighbour...

This neighbour got the most 'honest' letter from a fellow neighbour...

When you receive a motivational letter from a neighbour about the appearance of your home...

This neighbour got the most honest letter from their neighbour

We've heard our fair share of stories when it comes to neighbours, and it can be a touchy subject for many people. And with the way communal residences are popping up, there's no shortage of uniform looking homes that don't just look nice but also demand some conformity. 

Many people take the appearance of their homes very seriously, and so they should. Your home is a reflection of you and what you are about. Whether that means your personal style, or your level of cleanliness, it all paints a picture of you and your lifestyle. 

We found a letter that was addressed to a neighbour, from one neighbour to another, that was the opposite of what a motivational letter should look like. Well, that's what we think anyway...

The letter was shaming the other neighbour about the way their home looked to the rest of the community. As much as we cannot relate, there is this underlying pressure that comes with living in the suburbs. Where neighbours compete on things like having the best gardens and the best paint colour, to name a few. 

Check out the contents of the letter below, it certainly got people talking. There are almost 900 comments on the post. 

Courtesy of Reddit

After scrolling through the comments section, it seems that the writer of the letter was getting ready to sell their home. As much as this is a stressful task, it cannot be a reason to shame someone for the appearance of their home. 

If you are facing this situation and you are unhappy with your neighbour, we definitely think this is NOT the way to handle it. Check out the letter on a bigger scale below, courtesy of Reddit

A mean letter from one neighbour to another...

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