A group of friends set out to create the world's worst Airbnb

A group of friends set out to create the world's worst Airbnb

And they just might have succeeded.

Worst Airbnb in world

They call themselves the Passion Squad and they are YouTubers.

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Which means they probably come up with a bunch of insane and strange ideas.

So, of course, it would make sense that Rhys Simmons, Jamie Kamaz, and Hitchin decided to create the worst Airbnb ever.

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The property is truly something else.

It consists of a mattress and a bedside table in the middle of a field in London.

The only accessories are a lamp and two glasses of water.

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They also didn't have to spend a lot of money as they bought most of the furniture on Facebook marketplace.

And much to their surprise, people have been showing a lot of interest in the rental.

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They were so shocked they decided to not even let these people pay, because it all just seemed so strange.

Since their success, they have been considering keeping it open.

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We're just still very confused about the type of person who would choose to sleep here.

Outdoor enthusiasts? Or anyone who has a terrible roommate?

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