WATCH: Thief has his plans ruined by housecat

WATCH: Thief has his plans ruined by housecat

Does that mean he really does classify as a cat-burglar?

Thief cat burglar

Dogs are generally known for their protective nature and will often be referred to as guard dogs.

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Whereas the same can't usually be said about cats.

And here is some footage to prove it.

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Recently wannabe burglar Mark Lawson was caught on CCTV footage trying to find the perfect spot to break into a house.

Luckily, while he was crawling and moving around he came face to face with the homeowner's ginger cat.

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However, the cat remained unfazed by the stranger, but Mark had a slight fright which led to the alarm system being triggered.

After hearing the alarm being triggered he ran off and was eventually arrested.

Seems like you might not always need a vicious animal keeping guard, sometimes a tame tabby cat will do the trick.

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Main image courtesy of YouTube

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