Grief is different for everyone, right? An influencer posts selfies with her dead father

Grief is different for everyone, right? An influencer posts selfies with her dead father

Was this only inappropriate because she is an influencer? 

Grief is different for everyone right? An influencer posts selfies with her dead father in his coffin...
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We all have our own way of dealing with loss, whether that means you prefer to talk to people about it, or simply you withdraw and keep to yourself. Grief is as much a personalised experience as anything else we go through in life. 

And, of course, social media is a platform for users to express themselves. But in this day and age, with the expression comes criticism from followers. As much as you can share your thoughts whatever they may be, social media opens up your actions to others sharing their views as well. 

A social media influencer, Jayne Rivera, lost her father and shared some pics of herself posing with him whilst he was laying in his coffin. Many of her followers felt like this was not in good taste and asked her to remove the pics or they would unfollow her. 

Her account has been privatised on Instagram so we were unable to share the pics here. Since the incident took place, she has deleted her account, but she still has her TikTok page. 

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"In Rivera’s eight pictures, she is sporting a black suit dress with some tights and high-heeled boots. The shots, which had received nearly 12 000 likes (or DISlikes in this instance), were captioned: “Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well lived.” (MSN)

The thing about grief is that some people act out in ways that sometimes cannot be explained. It is an experience that we don't wish upon anyone, but on the same note, there are lines that sometimes seem blurry. 

Whether or not this was her way of mourning her father and paying her last respects, it was her choice to post it on her page. But with the life of influence comes the fact that you have to cater for your audience, and sometimes it's more about posting for them rather than for you...

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