WATCH: A sister speaks out at her baby sister's funeral: "She didn't even like you..."

WATCH: A sister speaks out at her baby sister's funeral: "She didn't even like you..."

When you get something off your chest at your sister's funeral...

WATCH: A sister speaks out at her baby sister's funeral: "She didn't even like you...You can leave the room."
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In general, death is something that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their lives. However, since COVID-19, it has been something that has stirred up fear in many people.

Everyone has their own path in life, whether that has to do with achieving a dream or completing something on their bucket list, even making sure that their families are taken care of, it ranges from one person to another. But with death comes emotion and with emotion comes speaking your truth. 

Funerals are meant to be a way for people to pay their last respects, a means to some sort of peace for the loss of a loved one. Saying what you need before their soul is laid to rest. Let's call it, 'saying your peace'...

However, for some families this is the time that all the drama rises and more than 'peace' is said. This is what happened to this sister who spoke her truth and brought a whole new level to being honest and open at a funeral

When it comes to saying a few words or a eulogy at someone's funeral, it is generally about the person who is being laid to rest. Sometimes the emotion takes over and we can say things out of anger and disappointment. But speaking your truth at any time is always encouraged. 

After losing her baby sister, she called out people who came to the funeral in this video, saying things like, they owed her sister money, they didn't really have a relationship with her sister, they didn't even help with her sister's funeral, so why are they even there and she asked them to leave. 

WATCH the video below (please note that it contains profanity, so it is not for sensitive viewers). 

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I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis . Fly high 🕊 ##restinpeace ##forever18 ##AEJeansHaveFun

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If you have dealt with the loss of a loved one then you will understand that there are people who never really had a relationship with your loved one, people that blatantly hurt them, spoke about them behind their backs, and were just not close to them, but somehow they made time to come for their funeral...

It does create a sense of anger for some. Others are more forgiving, but whatever the circumstances are, sometimes it's best to just show support from afar - ask for forgiveness and move forward. 

She posted a video about how her sister passed. She was involved in a fatal car accident (courtesy of TikTok):


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When we looked a little deeper, her story explains a lot when it comes to why she reacted the way she did at the funeral. She was split up from her siblings as a child and they all got put in different foster care households. 

This really shook us back to reality. We cannot imagine what she must be feeling after losing one of her siblings to an accident and not knowing where her two youngest siblings are. 

She said: "Arizona is small so if any of y'all go to school with my sisters plz tell them I didn't leave them, I was kept from them and still am being kept away." (TikTok)

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