Man gets a hilarious tattoo dedicated to his mother

Man gets a hilarious tattoo dedicated to his mother

It seems like some people tend to forget how permanent tattoos are. Sure you can get them removed, but why would you put yourself through that unnecessary pain?

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When you hear that someone has a tattoo dedicated to their mother, this is what tends to pop into your mind. 


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Of course, this is an ancient assumption ingrained in our brains thanks to movies, series, comics, etc.

But there are many beautiful and meaningful tattoos out there that do an exceptional job of honouring mothers. Although it is pretty high on our favourite funny tattoos list, this specific one isn't one of them.

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Reddit is a goldmine for terrible tattoos, tattoo fails, and more, with many forums devoted to sharing the worst of the worst.

In one of these groups, one man showed the world that mother knows best after he decided to ask her for some advice regarding his new, very permanent, ink.

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And he took her advice quite literally:

Mom knows best. Bitcoin is rushing 30K! I win 7.7K in one month on from r/shittytattoos

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While it might not have the most emotional meaning or be the most gorgeous, groundbreaking tattoo, he still got a message from his mother tattooed on his body, and that's quite sentimental.

Honestly, who cares what other people think of your body art, as long as you're happy with the result.

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Our only wish is to have a follow-up picture or video to see what his mom's reaction to the tattoo was!

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