Five very useful tips to beat #loadshedding

Five very useful tips to beat #loadshedding

Sometimes in life we need to just take a moment to laugh out loud. Load shedding is going to happen anyway, so why stress over it? Rather take the time to destress and take a look at our perfect remedy. Here are five very useful tips to beat #loadshedding by Rory Petzer.

#5 very useful tips to beat #Loadshedding

Producer Rory Petzer came up with a funny way of dealing with load shedding and we thought of the perfect way to get you laughing, by sharing this with you and getting you in the mood for the weekend. 

Now before we move on, let us just say that these ways of beating load shedding are not real scenarios and have been created for pure entertainment...

1. When there is electricity, put as many jars over your light bulbs as possible and keep those light bulbs on. When the power goes out, quickly remove the jars and immediately seal with lid. The light trapped in those jars should last for 6 to 8 hours.

2. This one is especially useful when load shedding hits at night. As soon as the power goes out, send a message to all your WhatsApp groups telling everyone to put their hands in the air. Many hands make light work.

3. Spend as much time as you can during the day staring at the sun. Your eyes will absorb all the light which can then be reused when the lights go out. It’s pretty much photosynthesis for people.

4. If load shedding hits while you’re at work, find the closest manager and stand as close to him/her as possible. Their power will start to transfer to you, which you can in turn use to create power in your own office.

5. Ask one of your neighbours if they have what is called a ‘book’. It is basically a whole bunch of pages between two covers. These pages have words and can be read. If you read them out loud, you can pretend it is the TV. You might also even learn something.

We've got to admit that #2 is by far our favourite and we will definitely be trying that out tonight. Which one will you try?

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