Fit granny refuses to let her age limit her

Fit granny refuses to let her age limit her

This is all the motivation you need as you try and attempt your fitness goals. 

An elderly woman stretches on a yoga mat
An elderly woman stretches on a yoga mat/Instagram Screenshot/@fit_momof7

We all know that January doesn't only pose a lack of finances for many people who have overspent during the festive season. 

We also know that January is a great big reminder that we are in a New Year and we may not be as close as we would like to be with our level of fitness. 

Weight gain is a natural part of the December holidays but letting that weight sit there is all in your hands. 

One woman is all the motivation you need to get off your toosh and start exercising. 

Edna Giordano, 91, is the perfect example of what it means to own your fitness level. 

As a mother of five, grandmother to 21, and great-grandmother to four, she refuses to let her age dictate her level of fitness and mobility. 

"I've always had a busy lifestyle because, let's face it, with that many children, you have to be busy. So, I never really thought about it; that's just the way I live," Giordano said in a Good Morning America interview, according to ABC News.

"My body feels better when I'm moving," she added. (News24)

Watch her doing her stretches below, courtesy of Instagram

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Here's her doing her ab workout. Courtesy of Instagram

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