First video speed dating app created to avoid catfishing and scammers

First video speed dating app created to avoid catfishing and scammers

Have you ever been scammed or catfished on a dating app?

The first video speed dating app created to avoid catfishing and scammers...

Dating, specifically online dating, can be a scary place to explore. Besides the awkwardness and bravery it takes putting yourself out there, there is the fact that there are so many people phishing the net, planning their next scam. 

And it seems with stories like the Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna, that it's become even more easy to trick people into believing into a fake persona. In some cases, these scammers believe their truths so much so that it definitely is believable to the rest of the world. 

This was motivation enough for Zach Schleien to create his own dating app, which is called Filteroff. Schleien had his own personal experiences with using dating apps, but with the lurking behaviour from catfishers and scammers, it's definitely not a trustworthy space.

"Fed up with his experience on dating apps, Schleien decided to create his very own dating app that would be free from all the problems he’s faced on other dating apps." (IOL)

"This sparked the idea of creating a video-first speed dating app, which would allow singles to date people and not profiles." (IOL)

In fact, now that we hear it out loud, it sounds like the perfect way to approach online dating. After all, meeting someone in person starts with seeing the person, so why not meet online first? 

Schleien is a digital marketer and a mental health advocate and is from New York. 

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"The app ensures that the user's safety is the first priority and includes face verification, phone verification, encryption in transit and storage, reporting/blocking tools, and also proprietary systems that detect bots and scammers." (IOL)

Sounds like it has a heavy security protocol and that's definitely something that will allow users to feel safe. The app is available in South Africa and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Web, and is free to use. 

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