'Glorifying a con man' - Simon Leviev reportedly charging R300k for nightclub gigs

'Glorifying a con man' - Simon Leviev reportedly charging R300k for nightclub gigs

It looks like Simon Leviev, aka the 'Tinder Swindler', will have no problem paying his enemies.  

‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev
‘Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev / YouTube (Inside Edition)

Another day, another shocking report related to alleged con man Simon Leviev. The 31-year-old is reportedly charging $20, 000 (R308, 000) for nightclub appearances. 

According to TMZ, Simon already has offers from clubs in Mexico, Germany, and America.  Sources told the publication that Simon also has a long list of demands for his appearances. 

On top of his $20, 000 appearance fee, he also wants bottle service, a private jet and security guards - Peter is probably still recovering from the "injuries" Simon's enemies inflicted on him.

But that's not all! Mr. Tinder Swindler also wants a 5-star hotel suite and a black SUV to drive him around. 

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Simon gained infamy around the world after Netflix released its 'Tinder Swindler' documentary in early February. 

Viewers watched in shock as three women detailed how Simon conned them out of millions of Rands after claiming to be the heir of an Israeli diamond empire. 

He met his victims on the Tinder dating app, and got them to take out loans and credit cards to support his lavish lifestyle. One victim says Simon went as far as asking her to pawn her car.  He has since been banned from Tinder. 

Despite the shocking evidence presented in the documentary, Simon insists he is not a fraud. He has reportedly signed with a Hollywood agent and is determined to clear his name. 

"They weren't conned and they weren't threatened," Simon told Inside Edition about the women's allegations. He also says that he never claimed to be the son of a billionaire diamond mogul. 

'I'm not this monster that everyone has created."  


He also refused to apologising for swindling women out of millions.

"I feel bad for what happened to myself," he told Inside Edition. Simon claims he funds his lavish lifestyle through legitimate business ventures.

"I bought Bitcoin in 2011, which was nothing. I don't need to say how much it is worth now," he says. 

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Social media users are not buying Simon's story and many are upset that he continues to live a lavish lifestyle while his victims are still paying off their debts. 

"Boycott whoever pays him. Why are you glorifying a con man?" one person wrote on Instagram.

A Twitter user tweeted: "This Tinder Swindler situation is so ridiculous??? He’s living as a free man after stealing millions of dollars from people? He’s charging $20K for nightclub appearances? What is going on?"

A third person wrote: "I hate this planet more every day."

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