This family rejected a $1-million deal from developers to keep their dream home

This family rejected a $1-million deal from developers to keep their dream home

Would you stay or take the money?

Homes in Hambledon The Ponds Australia
Homes in Hambledon The Ponds Australia/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

Owning a home is one thing, but owning your dream home, now that's a whole other ball game. 

With the rise in competitive property opportunities, it can be difficult for both the buyer and the developer. Difficult for the buyers to trust the intentions of the developers and difficult for the developers because negotiating with home owners can get tricky...

A story about a family who refused an offer made by developers, caught our attention. The offer was for $1-million and it turns out the family refused because their home was in fact their 'dream' home. 

They were described as the one home that stood as "a symbol of a family's determination to live in their neighbourhood despite the pressure to sell up and get out." (Instagram)

The home in question is located in Hambledon Road at The Ponds (Australia) and has changed a fair bit since 2018. 

"Row after row of two storey brick homes have sprung-up all around, but the owners of one parcel of land have refused to sell." (Instagram) And rightfully so, too...

Besides the ethics and good old fashioned feeling of sticking to home, an expert put their land value alone at $50-million! 

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It's quite ironic as we noticed that developers and some property agencies are contacting home owners directly now. Almost like cold calling people asking if they are interested in selling their homes...

Uh, that's a bit odd, but it seems people will do anything to get in the market these days...

Check out this tweet we found on the topic below...

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