Extreme eater consumes tapeworm-infested fish to go viral

Extreme eater consumes tapeworm-infested fish to go viral

The lengths that some content creators will go to...

A bass fish lying on a plate
A bass fish lying on a plate/TikTok Screenshot/@nick_kratka

Saying no to good food is something that no normal person would agree to. 

Content creators and foodies will do anything for a good food review and one content creator took things a bit far with his pursuit. 

"23-year-old Nichola Kratka, a self-described ‘extreme eater’, deliberately ate a fish infested with tapeworms and filmed himself doing it in the hopes of going viral on TikTok." (Oddity Central)

In case you are thinking that perhaps the young man did not know about the parasites and unintentionally ate the fish, let us stop you right there. 

Kratka found the tapeworm when he was cleaning the fish and still went ahead with cooking and consuming it. What's worse is he ended up cooking the parts of the fish without the actual tapeworm and then kept it next to the raw part where the tapeworm sat. 

Not long after eating the parasitic fish, he began experiencing "side effects like stomach aches, diarrhoea, nausea, siziness, and weakness." (Oddity Central)

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

After watching the video, we have to say that this isn't advisable for sensitive viewers. 

@nick_kratka Only thing i have to say about this one is don’t eat tape worms 😂 #tapeworm #catchandcook #bassfishing ♬ original sound - Nick Kratka

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Kratka gave us an update after visiting the doctor. 

It seems he did in fact have tapeworms, but since the doctor was unsure of what sort of tapeworm he had, he has prescribed a host of medication to treat his parasites. 

Check out the update video below where he admits it was his fault and completely irresponsible. Courtesy of TikTok

@nick_kratka Hopefully the next update is from the comfort of my bed and not a hospital bed 💀 #tapeworm #bassfishing #tapeworms ♬ original sound - Nick Kratka
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