Criminals are always lurking, so be aware

Criminals are always lurking, so be aware

The age old tips are stock standard and allow you to be proactive.

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If we all walk around with an overactive paranoid mind, then we won't have any time to actually enjoy the things that life has to offer. 

But in the world we live in, we have to be armed with the knowledge of being aware, alert, and vigilant.

Because as much as criminals are becoming more and more brave and inventive, their primary protocols remain the same. Therefore, if we continue being proactive and alert, then we can be safe. 

We wanted to remind you of the following safety tips as set forth by security company, Fidelity ADT. 

Private security companies are in the thick of criminal activities all the time, so who better than them to set forth some tips for us to abide by? 

"Opportunistic crime is exactly what the name implies – opportunistic. If your perimeter is not secure criminals will take advantage and attempt to steal anything left visibly. Laptops on counters and even bicycles in open garages become easy pickings.

"The suspects are quick, getting in and out within minutes. If they can’t get into your house or business, they take what they can from your property or from your parked cars." (Fidelity ADT)

Check out some general safety tips to consider for your home and business. Courtesy of Fidelity ADT. Make sure to have regular family meets so that you all are kept in the loop about these tips: 

  • Ensure that perimeter doors are fitted with adequate locks
  • Fit suitable “spacers”, locks or bolts to all sliding doors to prevent them from being lifted off their tracks (the most common method used by burglars on sliding doors and windows)
  • Ensure all windows are fitted with adequate locks or burglar bars that cover all glass
  • Ensure that all duplicate keys are locked away if not in use. Do not leave indoors or make unnecessary copies
  • Keep the garage and tool shed locked when not in use. Would–be intruders should not have access to any item that can be used as a weapon or burglary tool
  • Install outside lights that can be remotely controlled from inside the house. Consider installing lighting outside which is activated by a motion detector
  • Reduce all heavy foliage near your perimeter wall and gate to reduce the possibility of those spots being used as hiding places. 

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When it comes to theft involving your motor vehicles, whether inside/outside or of the vehicle itself, here are some mindful tips set forth by Fidelity ADT:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings - this applies to any public parking areas or even if you park on the road outside a property
  • Report any suspicious activity
  • Do not leave valuables in an unattended vehicle. If you have to ensure they are in the boot
  • Never push the remote locking device whilst walking away from the vehicle
  • Check that the vehicle is locked by testing the door
  • Ensure the boot is locked
  • Avoid shopping late in at night, keeping in mind curfew regulations.

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