Could this be the biggest proposal ever in the Arab world?

Could this be the biggest proposal ever in the Arab world?

We can say with certainty that he really liked it, so he put a big ring on it...

A couple getting engaged somewhere in Dubai
A couple getting engaged somewhere in Dubai/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

Proposals have quickly become more elaborate than weddings these days. 

If we had to think about it, we think that both are quite important, but perhaps the reason people put so much more effort into planning the proposal is because it is officially moving your relationship into the next phase. 

That's a huge leap and deserves its limelight. 

One man took things to the next level for his fiancée and their engagement is being called the biggest one the Arab world has seen thus far. 

Dubai businessman, Rami Elias Samo, planned the most exquisite engagement for the woman in his life, Narin Amara. 

Narin is the face of Narin's Beauty and has been named one of the top content creators by Forbes. She is said to be the first person to ever be proposed to at the Financial Centre in Dubai. 

Watch part one of their amazing engagement. Courtesy of Instagram

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If you thought that was amazing, he even got their friends and family together for more celebrating. 

Check out part two of their engagement night, courtesy of Instagram

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