Dubai woman shares a day in her life

Dubai woman shares a day in her life

Is this for real?

Woman wearing a scarf sitting next to Arabic man
Woman wearing a scarf sitting next to Arabic man/TikTok Screenshot/@soudiofarabia

The United Arab Emirates is thought to be the real-life version of what we saw as the Arabian fairytale. 

Sheikhs and Sheikahs living the royal life. 

Basically, lifestyles that are fit for queens and kings, that's what we know Emirati life to be like.

While that has very much been a stereotype of sorts, it seems that there is some truth to it. 

A woman that goes by the handle SoudiofArabia, The Dubai Housewife shares extravagant videos of her lifestyle. 

In some videos, she wears a wedding ring, so we assume that she is married to the man in her videos. She refers to this man as Jamal, but sometimes she says dating a millionaire can be difficult. 

But on her profile image on TikTok, the couple are wearing wedding attire, so we will assume they are married. 

WATCH one of her videos below, courtesy of TikTok

@soudiofarabia Is all the trauma really worth it? ✨ #dubai #fyp #ksa #foryou ♬ Habibi (Albanian Remix) - Ricky Rich & Dardan

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Now what really got us a bit concerned was the fact that as much as The Dubai Housewife claims to have such an extravagant life, she also talks a lot about trauma. 

Most of her videos receive a lot of attention, but are definitely confusing and share the same thing. All with the tagline, "Day in the life of a millionaire's wife".

It's like one day she says it's traumatic to be a wife of a millionaire, with all the crazy rules, then she commends him for the way he treats her. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@soudiofarabia Jamal literally gets the best surpises ✨ #dubai #fyp #ksa #foryou ♬ Boy's a liar Pt. 2 - PinkPantheress & Ice Spice
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