This guy's proposal ended with a drink in his face

This guy's proposal ended with a drink in his face

This is definitely not what the poor guy expected, but perhaps it was not the right time to prank her...

A guy proposes to his woman with a toy ring
A guy proposes to his woman with a toy ring/X Screenshot/@HumansNoContext

Public proposals are all the rage but it's not so cool when you get rejected. 

A video that shows a guy who seems quite sweet on his girl progresses with him going down on one knee. 

We're not sure what the back story is here, but it seems like he is about to propose and she thought so too. 

She blocks her mouth with her hand in shock and then we see her facial expression change. 

She then proceeds to curse at him, slaps him, and throws her drink in his face. 

Only then do we realise she is upset because he pulled out a plastic toy ring to propose. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of X

Tweeps were left confused by the whole thing, with many of them saying he dodged a bullet with this girl.

The plot twist comes into play when we notice that there is something that is shaped like an engagement box in his pocket. 

Perhaps this was just a prank that he was playing and wanted to see her reaction and after they shared a laugh he was going to pull out the real ring...

Well, we haven't seen an update anywhere so, perhaps he changed his mind because of her reaction?

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