Calling all Durbanites; it's time for a "wheelie" affair this weekend

Calling all Durbanites; it's time for a "wheelie" affair this weekend

A "wheelie" affair will be taking place at the point waterfront this coming weekend, 18th June and all skaters are welcome.

Calling all #Durbanites, it's time for a "wheelie" affair at the beach promenade

When it comes to "community", we can never have enough initiatives to bring people together. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it has become pretty difficult to socialise, bond, and join in unity - the South African way.

So when we heard about this from Durbanite Vicky Kettle, we were all for this type of 'breaking the barriers and moving forward' initiative. 

Vicky, who refers to herself as Mrs. Wild Child, is a Graphic Designer and is also the Project Manager at the Hop Skip and Skate roller skating school said to The Berea Mail

The event is meant to unify the skating communities in Durban. It seems that the skating community and Vicky's words are significant to society as a whole. No matter how much we try to ignore it, or dust it under the carpet, the truth is that we tend not to unify over things that connect us but rather focus on the things that make us different. 

LISTEN to Vicky chat with Vic about the initiative and how they will be following the COVID-19 safety regulations: 

We can choose to use this event to inspire - and remind us - that we are all more alike than we are different. The one thing that we all have in common right now is the pandemic and the hard truth that at some point it has made us lonely.

But like someone once said, if we are all alone then doesn't that mean we are all alone together? 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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