Adventurous dog learns how to skate

Adventurous dog learns how to skate

Darrell the dog spent his time during lockdown learning how to skate - and he is good at it!

Darrel skater

Many people have picked up new skills during lockdown, but who would have thought that being a 'skater' is on a dog's list of skills to master?

Well, Darrel - a dog who is a mix of pitbull, Border Collie, and Australian shepherd - is spending quarantine on a skateboard.

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Hailey Adair, who is Darrel's owner, says that she introduced her friend to skateboarding because she wanted to make lockdown interesting for both of them. 

"It’s super mentally stimulating for him and it helps him balance. It has helped me too. I was finding it difficult to take a break from work but for 30 minutes a day I get to see him skateboard. It’s super entertaining for him and it’s been a really good exercise for all of us," Hailey said.

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Darrel skateboards for approximately 20 minutes, five days a week, and is able to push himself along with his hind paws.

Watch his great technique in the videos below:

IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/Darrelthedoge

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