BREAKING NEWS: The UK is facing a shortage of Haribo sweets!

BREAKING NEWS: The UK is facing a shortage of Haribo sweets!

As we deal with food and fuel price hikes and the uncertainty of the job market in South Africa, we hear of the Haribo sweet shortage in the United Kingdom...

Breaking News: UK faces a Haribo shortage...

As we move into tougher times, we face price increases on the bare necessities and even face the uncertainty of the job market. We realise that the comforts of life are also running short. When it comes to those special treats, we know that Vic Naidoo always recommends that you make sure to treat yourself. 

The smallest of treats could be rejuvenating and we collectively agree with this line of thought. It's like the Marmite shortage that many South African's have had to succumb to since lockdown ensued last year. If you are not a fan you won't get it, but if you are, then you feel it, deep...

As we recover from that, we are faced with the news of the United Kingdom facing a shortage of, wait, hold onto your seats... Haribo sweets! For many, the chewy gummy sweets are a must, especially when you are under lockdown and crave that sugar boost. But we have come to learn that when it comes to candy, it's a different brand or item for everyone. 

We all have our favourites. Just this morning, the team were talking about the old Wareings donuts that we used to enjoy as kids. It's that certain "je ne sais quoi" that that particular treat does for you. It's unexplainable, because it's a feeling that lives within you. 

According to LadBible, Haribo said that it was facing a shortage of drivers and that's the reason that many stores in the UK were left with the shortage of the popular sweets. 

According to Haribo, they are facing a shortage of drivers due to the pandemic (what's new?) and have written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about their challenges, as many drivers have left the country due to lockdown regulations. 

"The Road Haulage Association (RHA) believes there is currently a shortfall of around 60,000 drivers. This, it says, is due to around 30,000 heavy goods vehicles (HGV) driving tests being unable to take place last year because of the pandemic.  The organisation explained how typically 72,000 candidates train to become HGV drivers, with 40,000 passing. However, only 15,000 were able to complete their training last year," LadBible reports.

So when it comes to real life problems, this definitely seemed superficial at first glance, but it's the real deal. All businesses are facing hardship and challenges during these times. 

Let's hope things start changing soon.

On that note, you is amazing, you is kin,d and you is BEAUTIFUL!

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