SA Expats crash a website in search of 'Easter Eggs'

SA expats crash a website in search of 'Easter Eggs'

South Africans living abroad got the craving and crashed a website looking for marshmallow Easter eggs on the SA Food Store website. 

SA expats crash a website in search of marshmallow Easter eggs
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One of the things that being away from home brings is a lack of being able to have our hometown snacks whenever we want to, like biltong, mum's specially spiced curry powder, figs, Eet som mor biscuits, Koeksusters, and, well, in this case, Beacon Marshmallow Easter Eggs...

This is why SA Food Store was created, to give South Africans living abroad a piece of home away from home. shared, "SA Food Store was founded by Yass Gomes and it sells a host of locally lekker items you just can’t get unless you are home." 

"When the SA Food Store team shared the news about the marshmallow eggs (a very rare find overseas), people got really excited. So excited that within an hour of the announcement, eager South Africans crashed the website before the eggs had even been stocked."

We can't say we blame them for going 'cray-cray' because those soft and mushy eggs are what we all look forward to during Easter, and we can firmly admit that we don't count how many we get through in a day. They're addictive, right?

At the moment we haven't found the product on their site but according to, they are working on it, we can literally hear the "hip hip hooray" from the South Africans living abroad. 

For all of you willing to try things out at home, and we say this with caution because we know how particular we can be about experiencing the original taste of things as South Africans, check out this recipe for marshmallow eggs we found on YouTube

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