Delly and Clive start their morning with smiles, thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

Delly and Clive start their morning with smiles, thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

It has been the most difficult time for restaurant owners and bar tenders. These two people fortunately got nominated by their loved ones to get a little something to get them going...

Darren's Tip Jar
East Coast Radio

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo - Adriaan and Michelle

Adriaan is in the film industry and since the pandemic hit, there has been havoc on the film, event and entertainment industry. Due to the state of affairs with this industry he decided to open up a small T-shirt printing company out of his room. He relied on selling these T-shirts at the local flea market in Uvongo, but due to Level 4 lockdown, the flea market has shut down. 

"We don't foresee the government lifting the restrictions anytime soon. A tip from Darren's jar would be a God send in these trying times. I am praying that this opportunity comes our way. Thank you East Coast Radio and Lottoland for this initiative", said Clinton Booyse.

Michelle was working two jobs; at a restaurant called Too Much in Umhlanga and as a swimming teacher, but due to the adjusted Level 4 lockdown, she has been left jobless. 

She had a car which blew a head gasket and she couldn't  afford to have it fixed, as a result she lost her car as well. Since then she has been trying to support herself and her young daughter  who is now 14 years old. The pandemic has stopped her from trying to find a way out of this hole. She didn't have money to send her daughter to Grade 8, her first year into high school. 

She is struggling to feed herself and her daughter and to cover her rent. Her friends and parents have been helping her where they can but everyone is finding it difficult. She also needs to get to a doctor or physio as she has severe back and neck pain but cannot afford to do so. 

Darren, Keri and Sky

Today, on a day where the country, particularly KwaZulu-Natal, experiences frightening looting and violent protests, we were able to bring a sense of ease to two people - a bar tender and a small business owner. This is all thank to Darren celebrating his 10 years of radio and 

We saw the story of Delly Radebe who is a self taught chef and fast food owner. She and her business have been horribly affected by the consecutive changing of lockdown restrictions. One of her two employees, Virginia,  nominated her to receives some help from Darren's Tip Jar as the place cannot operate during the strict lockdown restrictions - she cannot afford a driver for delivery services. 

It is unfortunate because just yesterday on July 12, 2021 there hopes of restaurants operating but the climate right now is not safe for anyone to attempt to operate as a business. 

Have a listen to Delly's reaction when we called her: 

Clive Westland and wife
Clive Westland

The above picture is bar tender, Clive Westland and his wife. 

They were nominated by their friend, Nellie le Roux. He shares that from the first hard Level 5 lockdown in 2020, he has seen his friend struggling because of a lack of income. 

This level 4 lockdown has then meant that Clive and his lovely wife have to vacate their place of living because they have no funds to pay for rent. 

Take a further listen to Clive's story and you will hear why he completely deserves our help from Darren's Tip Jar: 

We will continue to share more of these moments across the entire daytime shows. 

At this point we wish we could help every single person in need but we can only do much. For that, we are grateful still - thanks to Lottoland! 

Main Image Courtesy: Delly Radebe

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