Awkward complaining customer gets caught in the mix of a lie...

Awkward complaining customer gets caught in the mix of a lie...

The lengths some customers will go to for a freebie...

Awkward complaining customer gets caught in the mix of a lie...
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Buying things online has certainly contributed to an easier way of life.

However, there is a big part of being an online shopper that holds a grey area. 

That part that involves getting a defective item, receiving the wrong item or worse, opening up your package for it to be... empty. There's no other way of describing that feeling other than like being a kid at Christmas without a present...

This customer decided to share that she was unsatisfied with the business and let's just say, things didn't quite work out for her. 

Amani Zubair is a business owner and received an email from an unhappy customer. In the email, the customer shared how she did not receive the 18-carat-gold-plated signet ring, that cost roughly R545.

She also expressed how she wanted a refund, and even went as far as sending a photo of the empty box, without the ring. But wait...

It's always good to remember that lies always catch up with you. We just thought we would insert that here. 

"However, on closer inspection of the ‘empty’ packaging in the photo, Amani spotted the ring from her jewellery brand Tresor on the customer’s right index finger." (Metro)

Talk about awkward moments 101...

Come on, if you going to lie about not receiving an item, then at least be conscious of the lie. There's literally no coming back from this kind of behaviour when it comes to customer service. 

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The original encounter was posted to Amani's IG stories, but sadly it is no longer there. However, she did post about it on her TikTok, but for privacy reasons, she wasn't able to share the image of the empty box and her email. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@shoptresor Reply to @minahilaziz0 😭😭cant get over it. When we called her out she blocked our emails LOOOL #storytime #crazycustomersbelike ♬ original sound - uglinablin

Amani thought that maybe the ring had fallen out during the packaging stage, and after asking the customer to send a photo of the box, she noticed that the customer was wearing the so-called 'missing' ring. 

When she called the customer out on this, the customer blocked her and none of her attempts to contact the customer were going through. At the tender age of twenty, she certainly has a great work ethic. She cares for her customers, and admits that as much as there have been luck-seekers, the majority of her customers are trustworthy and kind. 

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