Are man-bags the future of fashion or just a major fail?

Are man-bags the future of fashion or just a major fail?

Vic Naidoo recently saw something that left him a bit confused...

Man bag

While at the mall, Vic noticed one man was walking around with a man-bag.

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And not to confuse or upset anyone: it wasn't a bag you would usually expect to see a man with.

It wasn't a backpack or laptop bag, it more closely resembled a stereotypical female handbag.

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Now women have been using smaller pouches and bags for as long as the human race can remember.

Any woman would have also experienced the following: whether you're going out with your father, brother, or lover, they always want to put something into your bag.

"Hey, do you have room for my keys in there?" 

"Can you put my wallet in there?"

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Handbags are generally very convenient.

Taking all of this into consideration, Vic decided to ask KZN their opinion on the man-bag.

This is what they had to say:

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