Home decorated in Budweiser beer cans is up for sale!

Home decorated in Budweiser beer cans is up for sale!

Home is clearly where the beer is.


You might think you're the biggest Budweiser fan, but is your entire house decorated in beer cans?

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Well, this home has decided to replace conventional wallpaper with beer cans, ensuring that every inch of the house is covered.

The two-bedroom flat might seem like your average home from the outside, but the moment you enter the front door, it's Budweiser all day, every day.

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The flat is located in Lake Worth, Florida and is going for $100,000 (R1.7-million).

There is one small bonus: if you decide not to change the house at all and keep it exactly as it is, you will get a free fridge full of Budweiser!

The flat was owned by a man named Michael Amelotte and it took him 16 years to create this "masterpiece".

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The home is also filled with Budweiser merch and memorabilia, expect for one room: the bathroom.

Apparently it looks even more impressive than it sounds.

All we want to know is: anyone up for creating the first Black Label beer house?

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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