217 New emojis are on their way!

217 New emojis are on their way!

And these are just some of the ones you can expect.


Emojipedia is your one-stop-shop for all things emoji related.

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If you are ever confused about what a certain emoji might be, you can find an entire description here. You can even see what the emoji will look like on different applications or software, like iOS and Andriod.

Now Unicode has released the next bunch of emojis that you will be able to use when spamming your friends and family or to help you better express yourself.

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Because why wouldn't you want to use a Dodo emoji every day?

There are only three new smileys, two new hearts, but for the hairier men out there you would be happy to know there will now be two new bearded people emojis.

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There are also a few new animal emojis and hand emojis, but the majority include many new gender and skin tone couple variations, featuring hearts and kisses.

You can expect your new emoji update to get on your device in 2021, as they have had to push back the release date due to the pandemic.

You can have a closer look at some of the newbies below: 

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