#AndThatsAWrap: We saw Batman cleaning up Durban and a young looking 72-year old...

#AndThatsAWrap: We saw Batman cleaning up Durban and a young looking 72-year-old...

We wrap up the past week with hope, fun, and motivation...

#AndThatsAWrap: We saw Batman cleaning up Durban and a young looking 72-year old...
Vic Naidoo

We take a look at an inspiring story of a Durban man who decided to dress up in a Batman costume and attend the Durban Clean Up last weekend. He brought some upliftment and happiness to many other Durbanites who participated with the clean up efforts after the KZN unrest. 

We realise that sometimes just doing something out of the ordinary can bring some joy and hope to a situation. We all have managed to pick ourselves up from last week's mayhem and heartache, and the way forward is staying positive. 

Take a look at his costume, you can click here, and if you can even listen to him chat with Vic Naidoo below...

We took a look at a 72-year-old Chinese bodybuilder who doesn't look his age at all. He looks like he is in his 40s or 50s. We wanted to break the barriers when it comes to stereotyping what it means to be old and look old. 

This man, Xinmin Chang, broke that barrier and when put up next to someone who is the same age as him, there is a world of differences. We realise that staying in shape and taking care of your body is not just a physical thing, it is very much a mental thing as well. 

To read more about him and watch a video of him doing his gym routine - click here.

A man who is in his 70s looks like he is in his 40s - could this be the 51st shade of gray?

Vic Naidoo also chatted with Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, who has been working around the clock to get food and supplies to those communities hardest hit by the looting last week. 

He chatted about the Gift of the Givers' efforts in helping these communities, but also highlighted that we should not panic as a community, there won't be a shortage of food. 

Take a listen to him below. 

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