Airbnb is giving you the chance to live like royalty

Airbnb is giving you the chance to live like royalty

Would you want to live like some fresh royalty for five days?

Fresh Prince

'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' is one of the most iconic television sitcoms in the last few decades.

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It is where Will Smith kickstarted his now-legendary career.

The show came to an end many years ago but is still available on streaming platforms like Netflix, so you can continue to enjoy the 'Fresh Prince' nostalgia.

Now you can continue living the throwback fantasy by actually living inside of the 'Bel-Air' mansion that was featured in the show, for at least five days.

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Will Smith has listed the property to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Now you might be wondering how much this stay might cost you, because a mansion would be expensive, right?

It will only cost you $30 (about R500)!

You can have an inside look at the iconic house below:

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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