Keep or Cut: "My roommate kicked me out and lied to me"

Keep or Cut: "My roommate kicked me out and lied to me"

This is the only time of the week when it's totally acceptable to stick your nose in someone else's business.


Today Vic received one of the most dramatic stories for this edition of Keep or Cut!

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The e-mail went as follows:

Hi Vic,

My best friend and housemate recently asked me to move out so her father, who is terminally ill, can move in with her. 

It was a big mission to find a place and move during lockdown, but I did.

Now, two months later, her dad has still not moved in with her, but I see her boyfriend is living there. 

I know her dad is really ill, but he hasn’t moved in so I could still have been living there.

Should I keep or cut her?

- Anon.

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Isn't honesty the best policy? "Why can't we just normalise telling the truth?" - Vic

Vic took it to KZN and they had to decide if this roommate had to be kept or cut?

Listen below to know what the final decision was:

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