After nagging her for a date, he left her with a R30k bill!

After nagging her for a date, he left her with a R30k bill!

This brings a whole new meaning to dine and dash (the horror date edition)...

People cheers with cocktails eating at restaurant
People cheers with cocktails eating at restaurant/Pexels/@Marlein Topciu

The world of dating can be a savage place. 

It is a place where you have to sign the Ts and Cs before passing 'Begin', because sometimes you are left disappointed and there is no one else to lean on for support. 

One woman, Natalie Joy, shared a first date horror story on a podcast with her partner Nick Viall (American Actor/TV personality). 

She spoke about how after being badgered by this guy to go out on a date, she eventually gave in and they went out. 

At the restaurant, they ordered a variety of starters and entrees in order to try everything.

When the topic of dessert came up, she told him that she was all filled up after all the starters and entrees, but he insisted. Conveniently, he got a phone call and left to take it. 

Twenty minutes passed and he had yet to return. Then she realised he had left her with the bill!

Watch her share the story, courtesy of TikTok

@nickviall Rumor has it, he’s still on the phone... (Better Date Than Never is LIVE every Thursday at 9pm ET on Amp) #podcast #dating #relationships #pregnant #pregnancy #firstdate #datinghorrorstory ♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box - takaya

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People were truly invested in who this Justin guy was, even Natalie's now partner Nick was intrigued by it all. 

We're wondering if he heard the podcast episode and feels anything about it?

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