"As a guy, I love being in touch with my feminine side"

"As a guy, I love being in touch with my feminine side"

Gone are the days where we need to suppress our true selves...

Man in gray blazer with sale tags
Man in gray blazer with sale tags/Pexels/@Sora Shimazaki

Growing up as a male can have its pros and cons. Sometimes though, as males, we are pressured into conforming to a certain standard - something that can truly have an underlying effect on our sense of belonging and being comfortable in our own skin. 

Yes, we can understand how that may sound crazy to many, considering males are always painted with the brush of arrogance. 

But below all that arrogance, there could be a young man who was told to suppress a part of himself; a part of himself that he really likes. 

One man recently took to the Reddit stage to announce his newfound confidence in embracing his feminine side. 

"I started dating someone recently and she’s really opened me up to be my truest self and it’s been so refreshing. I always repressed my “feminine” qualities bc I thought they were unattractive to a woman, but she really likes it and it’s made me feel a lot more confident in myself." (Reddit)

We love how he admits (without shame) that the repression was always something he thought was unattractive. 

He went on to share that the 'feminine' things he refers to include shopping, buying candles, stuffed animals, getting pedicures, and buying pink things. 

It is sad how over the generations males have had to bear the burden of suppress their stereotypically female likes and wants out of being labelled as homosexual. 

Just as no two people are the same, there are males who enjoy doing things that females enjoy doing, and vice versa. Not to mention expressing your feminine side doesn't automatically mean that you conform to a particular sexuality. 

"I know those things aren’t “girly” in 2023 and that people are very open-minded, but it is nice not having to pretend to be into video games or sports just to appeal to a traditional male standard. I just wanted to admit this to someone since I finally feel empowered to be my true self." (Reddit)

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His words not only pulsate into a hard-knock society, but they also serve as encouragement for other males and females to live in their true authentic selves. 

Yay to Reddit user, Poopy_McButts69, for sharing his story. The name, however, needs some serious work as it definitely shows his male demeanour. 

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