Imagine being stood up because of death?

Imagine being stood up because of death?

That's the only valid reason for being stood up?

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Rejection is real in the world of dating.

But not putting yourself out there can only guarantee not finding your person.

So, what's worse, willingly entering into something with a chance of finding love, or not entering out of fear?

For this woman it was the confidence of entering the world of dating and then feeling rejected when she thought her date had stood her up. 

The woman posted to her Reddit page that she thought she was stood up, but it turns out her date had passed away. 

What was worse was the fact that she felt a connection with him after going on four dates with the guy. 

She went on to explain: "We’ve been on 4 dates and instantly clicked and had so much in common and constantly talked and he was just awesome, had sex on our third date and it was amazing as well. I really thought I had found a good one. And then right before our 5th date, he went radio silent and promptly stood me up at the restaurant. Or so I thought." (Reddit)

She was extremely hurt by the fact that he ghosted her, but didn't want to waste time and so decided to let it go. All this after trying to think of a reason he ghosted her and stood her up. 

"And then I met my friend (his coworker) who introduced him to me. I didn’t want to seem unpleasant or anything so I just told him to tell the guy I’m not mad that he stood me up, to then be met with the saddest look.

  • D..did you not know?

  • Know what?

  • _____ died. He got into a car crash on the 6th and died. How did you not know that?" (Reddit)

According to a mutual friend, he was hit by a reckless driver and died on his way to their date. How sad is that? It almost sounds like the makings of a movie. 

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She was obviously shocked by the whole ordeal and shared that it was difficult to take it all in. 

"I don’t even know how to react. I’m just so flabbergasted right now. I’ve known him for less than a month, how does one even deal with something like this?" (Reddit)

She did elaborate on her initial post, as many Redditors had questions and comments. She went on to say that she is okay and not affected by her misinterpretation of his supposed 'stand up', she was however just upset that someone so young could just lose their life because of another person's negligence. 

She also shared that just as she was excited about him, he apparently told their mutual friend, who happened to be his direct supervisor, that he was excited about her too. 

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