Adele makes her SNL debut with a shocking American accent!

Adele makes her SNL debut with a shocking American accent!

Is there anything this woman can't do?

Adele SNL Accent

Adele has been the cause of many shocking moments this year.

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From her incredible weight loss to her Bantu buns, she has definitely been keeping her fans on their toes.

Now she has once again surprised us with another one of her amazing talents - accents!

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After having appeared on SNL as a musical guest, she will finally be taking the reigns as an official host.

She has previously mentioned that she is scared and terrified, but excited.

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In the teaser promo for the show that Adele will be hosting, singer H.E.R and cast member Kate McKinnon experienced some confusion.

Eventually, they figured things out and that's when Adele dropped her American accent.

Watch the teaser trailer here:

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She also expressed her excitement about hosting the show in an Instagram post earlier this week:

Hopefully this episode will feature even more of Adele's amazing accents.

Main image courtesy of YouTube

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