This is why KZN is the place to be!

This is why KZN is the place to be!

Vic is deciding to live vicariously through you this long weekend.

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Few things throughout the year will always get you excited; the festive season, school holidays (when you are a child, not a parent) and summer!

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But one thing that seems always to come up just when you are getting exhausted at work or school is a long weekend. Long weekends still have the perfect timing, and now it's that time again.

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On the 24th of September, we celebrate Heritage Day, and luckily we get a whole long weekend to enjoy ourselves thoroughly, which means eating, drinking, partying, seeing family and friends and also travelling.

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So Vic wants to know: "If you are travelling to KZN for the long weekend, what do you have planned when you get here?"

If you need some ideas of what to get up to during the next few days, listen below: 

For more unmissable moments, listen here:

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