Mom earns over R300,000 by selling her breastmilk

Mom earns over R300,000 by selling her breastmilk

After giving birth to a surrogate baby, this woman decided to use an unconventional way to earn some money.


When the going gets tough, people get innovative.

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Julie Dennis is a 32-year-old from Florida, USA and she did just that.

She gave birth to this entrepreneurial idea (excuse the pun) after being a surrogate for a couple at the end of 2019.

After the baby didn't need any more of her breastmilk, she still had a lot left and decided to sell it for 90 cents to other families, not willing or able to provide for their own.

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She has received some backlash, but says it doesn't really bother her because if her breastmilk is perfectly fine, why should it go to waste?

She is also not completely money-driven, but she wants to make it worthwhile for her family.

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And it's not as easy as it seems.

She doesn't just produce it and hand it out.

She has to spend hours a day pumping, cleaning, bagging, and sterilising after every use.

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Up until now she has provided milk to two babies for one whole year, which means she was pumping close to 450,000 ml per month.

She fills up her freezer twice a month and then ships it out.

Julie has said she would want to spend the milk money on something cool, but at the moment it's being saved for a rainy day.

We'll definitely give her points for creativity.

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