NaakMusiq's Twitter has been hacked

NaakMusiq's Twitter has been hacked

And, unlike most of these situations, this hacker has chosen to reveal his identity.


Many celebs have found themselves the victim of social media hacks.

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The latest to find himself in this position is local actor and musician, NaakMusiq.

Although being hacked is still a terrible experience to go through, this could have been a lot worse.

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Followers were surprised when they noticed a sudden change in content on his account.

Turns out a Turkish man had started posting selfies, videos, and more on NaakMusiq's official Twitter account.

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And although this happened yesterday, his account has not been taken down and the man has not shown any sign of stopping soon:

Turkish Man hack
Twitter screenshot

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He also posted an Instagram story via Siposethu Tshaka which said: "Anga has personally asked me to come here & let you all know that his account on Twitter and Facebook have been hacked."

He also stated that all other accounts are fake, he is not currently on Twitter or Facebook, and he is trying to get his original account back.

Hopefully, he'll have his account back soon!

Main image courtesy of NaakMusiq Official Twitter

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