WATCH: Mom goes on rant about teaching kids confusing English words

WATCH: Mom goes on rant about teaching kids confusing English words

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we would be completely lost without teachers and any other educators.

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Sometimes the English language can seem like a real nightmare.

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All these different rules that don't really make any sense and seem completely unnecessary.

But, unfortunately, there is no way around it and we have to learn all the tips and tricks if we want to graduate from school.

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Now, during the lockdown, parents have had to improvise and educate their own children for once.

And the struggle has been real.

The latest parent to share her issues with homeschooling is American comedian Tiffany Jenkins.

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She has been sharing a lot of hilarious family content during this time and has even been dubbed "one of the best things to come out of lockdown".

Her newest rant is on the subject of sight words, which are words children learn and memorise based on using sight to learn the whole word.

You can watch the video, where she tries to explain how to pronounce "know" and "no", down below:

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She does have a very good point. 

And to all the teachers out there reading this right now: we'll never take you for granted again.

Main image courtesy of Tiffany Jenkins Official Instagram 

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