Instagram vs reality: How toxic is social media?

Instagram vs reality: How toxic is social media?

If you're looking for ways to change your mindset, keep reading today's Finding You with Lisa Welsh.

Social Media

This week, Lisa Welsh wants to know: what is your relationship with social media like?

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Most of us have found ourselves mindlessly scrolling through social media for hours.

We don't even necessarily realise how much it's affecting us at that time.

We become obsessed with the "perfect" lives of these people we follow, whether we know them or not.

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And before we know it, we're comparing ourselves to them, wanting to look, eat, travel, live as they do.

Although social media can be a fun, creative, and inspirational place, it tends to become very toxic very quickly.

Today, Lisa is here to give you a helping hand as she'll teach you how to navigate the social media space:

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