Local doctor and 'Fit Mom' talks fitness with Thandolwethu

Local doctor and 'Fit Mom' talks fitness with Thandolwethu

She's a doctor and a fitness influencer on social media. She's inspiring the masses with all things fitness and she joined Thandolwethu in studio to talk more about it. 

Loli with her daughter / Instagram (@fitmom_struggles)
Loli with her daughter / Instagram (@fitmom_struggles)

Listen to Thandolwethu's interview with Loli - aka 'Fit Mom', or read below:

For those of you that don't know, my Producer Sihle and I are on a fitness journey in order to get fit and feel better about ourselves. 

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Every Friday, we provide a fitness update on how our week went, whether we survived in the gym, and how the general progress is going. As I mentioned on my Instagram earlier this week, I did almost die with my squats that my trainer put me through, but it's all so worth it. Spring, here I come!

I managed to get in touch with Loli Gqiba - aka 'Fit Mom' as she's known on Instagram, and invited her on the show on Friday. 

She is a doctor by profession, a mother, and a fitness influencer. She is known for helping moms embrace and love their bodies - not just live in them.

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We had an honest chat about, of course, all things fitness. She also chatted to me about training with her daughter and even shared her advice to moms about getting fit and accepting themselves.

Loli is a petite, down-to-earth woman and she has embarked on an inspiring journey to inspire her followers - one workout at a time. 

Listen to the podcast, and get motivated to make the change you want to see in yourself - TODAY! 

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