Thandolwethu goes on a fitness journey with her producer

Thandolwethu goes on a fitness journey with her producer

The host is undergoing a health journey and has revealed what she weighs. You have to hear this. 

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Listen to the weigh-in, or read the details under the podcast. 

Thandolwethu and producer Sihle Mthembu have started a new journey to lose weight. 

The duo have started working on their health, but today they’ve taken things to a new level. 

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Listen as they both share what they weigh, as well as their gym goals. 

Buhle also helped Thandolwethu and Sihle measure their body mass index. This chart helps you understand what you should weigh in relation to your height and age. 


Every Friday, Thandolwethu and Sihle will be giving an update about their fitness journey and how the week has been. They don't want to do it alone - they want you to get involved as well! 

Make sure you share your fitness journey stories with them by contacting the producer - [email protected].

What is the one thing you’re tired of hearing people say about your body?

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