‘Finding You’ with Lisa Welsh

‘Finding You’ with Lisa Welsh

Each week, Lisa Welsh shares golden advice on how to love and be kind to ourselves during lockdown.

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This week, Lisa speaks about the amount of time and energy we waste feeling ashamed of our own bodies.

Lisa explains where these feelings of shame come from, why we feel the way we do, and most importantly, how we can move towards a space in which we no longer feel ashamed of our bodies.

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If you think you don't have a crown, then tune in every week when Lisa helps you find it and wear it proudly.

Lisa Welsh is an embodiment coach and cheerleader who loves reminding people of their magnificence. 

In her brand new weekly feature, ‘Finding You’, she's going to share fun, inspiring tools to help us to become our own BFFs - so we can heal and shine like the awesome humans that we really are.

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