#MotivationalMinute with Ica Mbebe

#MotivationalMinute with Ica Mbebe

This Monday we bring you some motivation from Life and Business Strategist, Ica Mbebe.

Life strategist Ica Mbebe / Abhi Indrarajan
Life strategist Ica Mbebe / Abhi Indrarajan

Known as 'The Fixer', Ica Mbebe dishes out her words of wisdom to get you through the week!

Ica discusses why growth is important, even though it can be painful. Your level of knowledge and understanding is not the standard. 

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Listen to the full podcast and get motivated today.

About Ms. Ica Mbebe 

Life & Business Strategist

I am an entrepreneur and unshakable optimist, dedicated to helping you become YOUR best version of you.

I believe you already have most of what you need to help you thrive in today’s world. I am here to help you re-learn and better use learned and newly acquired skills, including your unique gifts, personality, sense of humour and your passion. This applies, whether you are employed, unemployed or a business owner.

I share my experiences and corporate knowledge with you. Your job is to take what you need as a hand-up to a better, smarter and happier you.

Begin. Commit. Conquer.

Find me on http://www.lifefixer.co.za/, Facebook, or YouTube

Whatsapp/ Office line : +27 67 114 1827

Interested people can have a look at the curriculum on Ica’s website. Ica is also hosting an online course, the course is R2,800, but if you book by the 14 August, you only pay R500! If you would like to win free access to Ica’s next online course worth just under R3000, visit her Facebook page.

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