#TrendReport: No more drinking and buying!

#TrendReport: No more drinking and buying!

You can file this under “Very 21st Century Problems”, but there’s a growing concern about people shopping online while under the influence.

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It’s what happens when you can buy whatever you want at the click of a button, and with a glass of wine by your side, anything can happen. Which is all well and good until you get your bank statement at the end of the month and realise how much you’ve spent on things you don’t need thanks to that extra drink or two. 

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And it’s even worse when you’re out on the town and pulling out the Snapscan or Zapper for that extra round, or two, or three. 

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Luckily, there’s a new startup called Drnkpay that’s claiming to have the solution to this problem. It involves giving up access to your accounts until you can prove that you’re capable of making adult decisions. And as Chris explains to Jane, it also says something about our relationship with technology at the same time.

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