#HotGoss: Cameron van der Burgh is a married man
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#HotGoss: Cameron van der Burgh is a married man

Jane has you covered in the Thursday edition of #HotGoss! Find out what has been happening in the world of celebs. 

Hot Goss 5 June 2018

Cameron van der Burgh weds in Greece

South African Olympic swimmer tied the knot in Greece with Nefeli Valakelis.

Who doesn't love a wedding and this union looked like it could have been out of a movie, congrats to the couple.

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Amber Heard in trouble for a racist tweet

Actress Amber Heard was slammed after she posted what many have thought was a racist tweet. 

Amber seems to do a lot of good work and doesn't seem like the type of person that would look down on others, but to rather stand up for the rights of humans as a whole.

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BTS at Valentino baby

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Mila Kunis shares her relationship journey

More than six years and one failed friends with benefits pact later, Kunis, 34, is thankful for the curveball. 

These two are so cute and so perfectly suited, don't you think? Love a story of history and deep connection; these two are cute dot com.

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