Newly married and enraged!
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Newly married and enraged!

This groom's behaviour shocked guests as he pulled his bride out of the wedding car.

Angry groom forcefully drags bride from car on wedding day

Learning that your new husband has an angry streak on your wedding day must be the absolute worst?!

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What should have been a joyful day for this couple turned sour as wedding guests were stunned when the groom dragged his new bride out of a car. 

We came across this video showing a groom who completely lost his cool on his wedding day. Initially, it was reported that she demanded a large amount of money before getting out of the car - either way, this should not have been his reaction. 

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Other reports state that the groom was angered because the driver of the car repeatedly demanded gift money from the couple, so when the driver eventually stopped, the groom just lost it and dragged his bride from the car.

Instead of showing the young woman love and kindness, he reacted in a manner that I could not help but find frightening! 

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It's sad that sometimes, only after a couple marries, do they realise that this is just not the right fit. I can't imagine how the family felt after watching their daughter being treated badly? 

I hope for this couple that there was some sort of misunderstanding and that this guy rectified his behavior. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and kindness. 

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