WATCH: Woman takes bite of rotten fingertip while enjoying her burger

WATCH: Woman takes bite of rotten fingertip while enjoying her burger

Disclaimer: While the images are blurred, this article does contain imaging that some will find disturbing.

Watch: woman bites into rotten finger fast food burger
Estefany Benitez Facebook

When you order food from any type of restaurant, fancy or otherwise, you always hope that your meal arrives exactly as you had wanted it.

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Sometimes there might be a tiny part of your brain that keeps worrying if they'll remember that you said "no onion rings' or "extra cheese".

However, in order to be a successful establishment, you have to make sure your service is on point, so ending up with an order that's a complete disaster isn't supposed to be a common occurrence.

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But accidents happen and sometimes there might not be cheese where you wanted cheese. 

The next time that does happen - just be thankful that you were not the unlucky soul who was ready to munch on a juicy burger but instead bit down on a decaying human digit.

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Estefany Benitez, who lives in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, was visiting her favourite fast food restaurant, Hot Burger, when the horrifying incident occurred.

She ordered her meal and as she proceeded to eat it, as one should, she made a terrifying discovery.

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Instead of taking a big bite of her burger, she had also chomped down on a severed finger!

Obviously, Estefany was disgusted and upset so she decided to take pictures as evidence and posted a public service announcement on Facebook saying "At the moment of eating, I chewed on a FINGER."

Have a look below... if you dare:

Watch: woman bites into rotten finger fast food burger
Estefany Benitez Facebook

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She also posted two videos of her interaction with the company representative after the incident took place. The representative does state that the burgers are, allegedly, not made and assembled on location but arrive to the restaurant pre-prepared.

According to them, something like this has never happened at their store before and all they could offer her after suffering through this traumatic experience was that Estefany "Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you."

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What makes the situation even worse is that they said they would close the restaurant while she was still there but instead they continued serving customers as if nothing had just happened.

A company spokesperson did address the situation after the post went viral and they said it was an 'unfortunate incident'. They also explained that one of their employees had lost part of his index finger while preparing the meat. This was also confirmed by the director of the National Police's Special Crime Fighting Force, Edson Claure.

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The Vice Minister for the Defence of User and Consumer Rights also stepped in and closed down the location temporarily while hitting the company with a hefty fine.

This is probably the least they could do considering Esefany might never be able to enjoy another burger again!

Luckily the incident didn't take place at a KFC or else their new logo might have to be "Too finger-licking good?"

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