"Where is the bday gift you were going to deposit in my account?" - Stacey's Mom

"Where is the bday gift you were going to deposit in my account?" - Stacey's Mom

It's time to talk about birthday etiquette.

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There is only one day a year when everything revolves around you.

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Your birthday!

And is it even your birthday if you haven’t said: “You can’t be mean to me today!”

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Your special day is the one opportunity you’ll always have to claim that people need to treat you like the king or queen you are.

But what does that mean when it comes to actual birthday etiquette?

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How far are you allowed to push the boundaries of your birthday?

You ask for anything that your heart desires and you expect all your dreams to come true.

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Especially when it comes to gifts!

If you, the birthday boy or girl, know what you want for your birthday, there should be no need to play the awkward guessing game with friends, family, and maybe even coworkers.

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Or even worse, avoid the awkward “wow, thanks, I love it” but really you don’t moment.

Stacey recently had a situation she had to deal with on her mother’s birthday.

Take a listen.

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